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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Gratis software being released as proprietary

From: Thiago
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Gratis software being released as proprietary
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2015 00:40:55 -0300
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The next issue is: if free software provides a development environmental that support the software of higher quality.

But technology is under open systems standards since ever.

On 08-08-2015 00:31, Thiago wrote:
When he said "Free Software will be of higher quality", i think he means that the freedom of woftware an support a software of best quality of working.

But understood that Free Software is not about "good" or "bad", but it's everything about "freedom of software as a movement". So the software don't need to be something like a final result, but software freedom is the point.

Fix me if I'm wrong with the understanding.

On 08-08-2015 00:01, Mike Gerwitz wrote:
Anyway, thanks again for your input thus far, from what I've gathered
here's some points from what you've suggested:

* Free Software will be of higher quality.
Be careful with this one.  While this can be true, this is one of the
arguments of open source.  When free software isn't of higher quality,
we still stand strong and can argue for its use, because free software
still respects our freedoms; however, if "open source" software fails to
be of higher quality than a proprietary alternative, there is no leg to
stand on.

* Even if they one day want to sell this software, keeping it Free
will actually make it easier.
I'm not sure about "easier".  I'm not an economist or business
strategist, and I'd be absolutely terrible at selling software; but
business models vary widly---some find great success in selling free
software, while others find great difficulty (support contracts are one
common option).

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