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[libreplanet-discuss] GNU ethical repository criteria: Should privacy is

From: Niels Nesse
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] GNU ethical repository criteria: Should privacy issues really be extra credit?
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:19:47 -0800
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I recently came upon the GNU ethical repository criteria:

I am very pleased to see the FSF take up this issue. There has been far
to much apathy on the part of developers regarding the ethics of hosts.
It bothers me however that many privacy and security issues that I would
consider basic requirements for recommendation are addressed only in the
extra credit section.

I am a supporter of free software in large part because of it's ability
to help offer me better privacy and security. It seems backwards to me
to accept services as "recommended" that have with poor or abusive
privacy practices. Without violating any criteria in the C-A range a
host could store user data indefinitely in unencrypted form, give it to
third parties without consent or disclosure, send passwords in plain
text over email, etc, etc.

I suggest that items A+0, A+1, and A+2 be incorporated into the B or A
grades. I think these items address similar concerns as items in lower
grades such as B1, C2, and C3. Another possibility is to simply not
address any privacy issues to avoid assessing their relative weight.


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