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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Privacy speech/talk proposal and some question

From: Ali Abdul Ghani
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Privacy speech/talk proposal and some questions
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 13:01:55 -0800

use Evince its so good

2015-12-02 8:24 جرينتش-08:00, Deb Nicholson <>:
> Hi Juanma,
> It's great that you are addressing this new system, which sounds like it
> would be terrible for privacy.
> When I talk about digital privacy and free speech, I often recommend the
> FSF (and/or the EFF) but don't say "I am from the FSF" because I am not on
> the staff or board. I usually give the audience a link and encourage them
> to get involved. If you have a local LibrePlanet group or GNU/Linux User
> group that you help organize, you could say you are *from* that
> organization and share that group's information too.
> Finally, since you are in Europe you may want to see if this is on the
> FSFE's radar. They may already be working on something that you could
> coordinate with or might be willing to set something up to coordinate
> actions against this new system.
> Hope that helps,
> Deb
> On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 4:13 AM, juanma cabello <>
> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA256
>> Hi, all:
>> My first email here. =)
>> See, in my country (Spain) the goverment had just bought a software
>> called "Evident X-Stream" which is, at a first sight, a tool that can
>> store any kind of conversation (telephone, email, chat, social
>> networks, etc) and retrieve the localization of people involved in it.
>> They're using the yihadist terrorism excuse to impose this
>> restrictions to our privacy rights. It seems it going to be fully
>> operational at some point of 2017.
>> I think is a good "excuse" to make a speech/talk in my city to get
>> people more in touch with this kind of stuff. I'll try to get in
>> contact with the people of La casa invisible (
>> which is a self-managed space run by neighbours in the center of
>> Málaga. They have a software department and they are always open to
>> new ideas and proposals so I think there are going to be no problems
>> at all.
>> What do you think about this? How should I proceed? Should I use the
>> name of the Free Software Foundation? Libre planet? Can I include
>> myself in any of the organizations while introducing the speech? Both?
>> Which material should I use?
>> Sorry for all this questions but I'm a bit lost right now... I can do
>> the speech as a independent person but I thought it can be good for
>> the FSF if I promote it at the same time...
>> Kind regards,
>> - --
>> juanma cabello
>> humano · ingeniero de software · conferenciante
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>> Hefs/9/P00o+YOSm9Th4YqH2OImUoWxECM2mSXrVxe0/jmy6ozOvJp9DyvXmumHX
>> p2Oat+T1XYCO+DwOJjU6L+VYsL/tHmWnkTHjQAaUBssgDGtnCr164XP++vC8uN44
>> 6b3kGHmqC6BkKmqhwpCrNR8ZqBccdMmENU8DjRO19wee2ZkSZ2A9KS3TVm1CDtNy
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>> 9Oj5W/6MV4WZ9y/U5fdCmedWta434mzE5hLJNh4Pz91n9fblpkS09nHP6I3N70DD
>> 7V74JYswemla7GqScpG0jS2SvQ4iHL7ix80Qlx/ZZLlSV98Xw+YTwTKkRdxswWzx
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