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[libreplanet-discuss] Freedom respecting SBC?

From: Julien Kyou
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] Freedom respecting SBC?
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2015 21:20:19 -0500
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I am in a position to make a 'Truly Freedom Respecting' Single-Board-Computer.
It would probably cost around 50 to 100$ (I'm want it at least twice as 
powerful as a pi), and GPIO pins making it a good Pi alternative.
I Have no specs (or other details) for it yet, I am just wondering how much 
interest there is (beyond myself of course).

On December 2, 2015 2:10:18 PM EST, anonymiss <> wrote:
>Are you referring to what is now being proposed (
> ) and what
>will happen, although individually countries can decide how it's being
>implemented, in summer of 2016 in Europe (Directive 2014/53/EU ,
>Article 3.3)?
>Email is public and violates our right for secrecy of correspondence.
>Talk to me in private:
>If you want Email like communication which respects
>your privacy and rights and is secure without requiring you to
>learn complicated tools, use bitmessage:
>(public) bitmessage: BM-2cSj8qEigE3CMaLU3CwPZf7T3LvzvnttsC
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>-------- Original Message --------
>Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] C.H.I.P. $9 computer respects your
>freedom, when you don't need GPU/Video/etc., perhaps
>Local Time: December 2 2015 12:16 am
>UTC Time: December 1 2015 11:16 pm
>In the US anyway, there is some talk of the FCC requiring radio devices
>to not release their code because of "security reasons." Heard this on
>a podcast a while back, not sure what the current state of things are.
>Aaron E-J (Blog)
>On 2015-12-01 5:20 PM, Michael Lamb wrote:
>This is common, and is even worse for the other single-board computer
>??? ... I think that CHIP is not worse than that.
>I'm sorry, my phrasing was unclear. I meant: CHIP is flawed, and being
>flawed is common. For example, the more-popular Raspberry Pi is worse
>than CHIP, because it can't even boot without binary blobs. You and I
>both agree with the statements on the FSF page.
>I think that the FSF page is relevant for CHIP (as of today). CHIP
>would not be acceptable (from the viewpoint of freedom-respecting
>computer) when you want to use its GPU and video encoder/decoder with
>full features.
>I agree. I hoped that the social media person's statements contrary to
>the FSF page meant that the design had changed and the CHIP is now
>freedom-respecting. But from the replies here and the lack of reply
>from them, I doubt this is the case.
>When we don't use GPU and video, a board with Allwinner SoC could be a
>good computer. So, it depends if it's serious flaw or not.
>I expect it will remain "seriously flawed" due to the WiFi/GPU/VPU
>blobs. But maybe a "seriously flawed" but still-usable computer for
>only $9 is still a good thing for many people. I hope that low price
>will make it effortless to introduce children and students to
>general-purpose computing with free software. Especially children, whom
>parents might discourage from using the expensive family computer (or
>installing free software on it) for fear they might "break" it.

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