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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Help Scratch gain HTML5 support and be free!

From: Rudolf
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Help Scratch gain HTML5 support and be free!
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2016 20:44:56 +0000

Perhaps the solution here is to import Scratch projects into Snap and export them to Canvas/HTML5? How well is that supported because I would think the Scratch team would be supportive of that kind of solution.


On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 4:39 PM Fabian Rodriguez <magicfab@member.fsf.rg> wrote:
Why bother? I follow a few CS/Education resources and I see teachers are
now moving to Snap!:!_%28programming_language%29

- Can import Scratch 2 projects
- Free under AGPL
- implemented in _javascript_ using an HTML5 Canvas API (so, no Flash)
- etc.


Le 2016-04-03 07:15, Fabio Pesari a écrit :
> Scratch by MIT Media Lab ([0]) is a free Smalltalk-based visual
> programming language and environment aimed at teaching programming.
> The Scratch website lists 13,909,161 projects, all under the libre
> CC BY-SA license ([1]). That's a *huge* amount of free programs, even if
> a lot of them are a "remix", and not all of them are interactive!
> Sadly, right now it uses Adobe AIR/Flash to play those programs and
> animations in web browsers, and it seems that the official team doesn't
> think porting the exporter to HTML5 has a high priority ([2]), and
> although some independent developers started development, they stopped
> at around 40% on May 8, 2015 ([3]).
> I think it's good that so many schools, libraries and museums adopted a
> free program, but most people use mobile devices nowadays, and Flash
> doesn't work on all of them, so this could likely put an end to
> Scratch's adoption, which will likely mean a proprietary program will be
> used instead.
> A free replacement for Scratch could be GDevelop ([4]), which is however
> aimed at game development (but even if it's suited for professional use,
> that doesn't mean it's harder to use).
> I am not even a Scratch user, as I dismissed it back when it was under a
> weird license and haven't really used it much after its GPLv2 release,
> but I am a fan of Smalltalk, free software, free standards and
> education, so I encourage everybody who has the skills or the funds to
> contribute to this project, or at least spread around the word to
> someone who might.
> [0]:
> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]:
> [4]:

Fabián Rodríguez

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