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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] home / small office servers with free hardware

From: Julien Kyou
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] home / small office servers with free hardware
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2016 04:38:46 -0400
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On April 6, 2016 4:08:44 AM AST, Daniel Pocock <> wrote:
>Can anybody comment on strategies for building a home or small office
>server using entirely free hardware?

If your willing to surrender Libreboot you could run a real desktop/server. In 
my Vast experience anything Intel/ASUS or SulerMicro (before the UEFI plague) 
just stay away from onboard WiFi.

By that definition I have two Libre servers in my home one on a 2011 and one 
1366 well technically its a server rack but close right?

>The earlier thread (here[1] and on the FSFE list[2]) about Intel and
>never being truly free identifies platforms like ARM and other low
>chips as alternatives that can be 100% free.  For home and small office
>servers where people typically want low power consumption and low noise
>levels rather than raw performance, using ARM is probably quite
>agreeable, a compromise they may already have been willing to make for
>other reasons.
>Are there any particularly good examples of off-the-shelf solutions  or
>how to make such servers from components?
>Even if CPU power is limited, can such solutions be designed for
>IO-intensive workloads, such as hosting NFS home directories or
>Maildirs?  These tend to do lots of small writes, just putting them on
>SSDs helps a lot.
>Another thing that people tend to look for these days is the ability to
>have lots of storage for photos and movies.  This type of storage
>doesn't need fast IO but it does generally need multiple disks for
>A combined solution to both of those storage problems typically needs a
>pair of SSDs (for home directories) and a pair of large disks (for
>collections) and if there is going to be a spare disk bay for
>and standby disks, it means having a box with 5 or more bays.

Some people have a way with word. Unfortunately in my case, Word had his way 
with me.

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