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[libreplanet-discuss] EOMA68 - libre software, libre hardware, and eco-f

From: Koz Ross
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] EOMA68 - libre software, libre hardware, and eco-friendly too!
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 10:52:36 +1200
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I just came across this amazing project:

Needless to say - I've supported it, because I believe we need more projects
like this one if we are to free our computing. The fact that they're going
full libre *and* seeking RYF certification is great *just by itself*, but
the use of recycling, the eco-friendliness of the project and the *wooden*
casings are just icing on an amazing cake for me.

I'm just posting it to this list, as I want as many people as possible to hear
about something which I believe deserves our support (and money).
Koz Ross <>

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