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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Seeking some Web-based software instance for i

From: Bob Jonkman
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Seeking some Web-based software instance for interactive teaching task
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 13:26:37 -0400
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This is probably huge overkill: Set up Nextcloud/ownCloud instance.
Your students can have individual accounts and drop their projects
into a folder shared with you, or you can share one folder with a link
for anonymous access.

This has the added bonus that anyone can run the Nextcloud/ownCloud
sync client if they want to replicate the files on their desktop and
use destop-based tools.

- --Bob.

On 2016-07-08 07:36 PM, Koz Ross wrote:
> I am soon going to be teaching a class on data structures and
> algorithms at my university. This class will be in Java, on Windows
> (a fact I am not happy about, but cannot change).
> As part of this, I plan to have an activity where each class member
> will need to forward me a short snippet of code (about a dozen
> lines or so). I am thinking of something similar to a paste
> service, except that:
> - I need to be able to view all the pastes from every class member 
> - It should syntax highlight Java code - It needs to be Web-based
> (i.e. no locally-installed software)
> To give an example of what I mean, suppose I have three students:
> Alice, Bob and Carla. Each of them writes a snippet of code, and
> sends them to me. I can then view (on my machine) each of the
> snippets from all three of them.
> I don't wanna have to use email for this (because that's a bit 
> cumbersome). Of course, this tool should be free software. Ideally,
> this Web-based program should require minimal setup (so, no
> registration would be nice).
> Could anyone suggest anything? I (and my students) would be very
> grateful!

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