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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] [Trisquel-users] The future of Libre Computing

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] [Trisquel-users] The future of Libre Computing: Crowd Funding Campaign Starts Now
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2016 12:31:15 -0300

I'm copying this message to libreplanet-discuss and to Alexandre Oliva
since I think it's important for them to know this message too.

I'm very worried about the crowdfunding too.

Don't worry, I *am* contributing by spreading the word about it, even
though I hardly have the salary/wage to support it financially.

My message is focused on the *possibility* to do things right from the
beginning (by explaining that it's *being evaluated for RYF
certification), and because if it's at least proven to work with
free/libre system distributions, it allows the community to use it even
in environments/situations that are hostile to free/libre software

I also have tried to counter a misinformation that is spread here in
Brazil: That "Raspberry Pi works with free/libre system distributions",
or that "Raspberry Pi is good for the free/libre software movement". And
I also tried to convince people to buy Libre Tea Computer instead of
Raspberry Pi.

However, I was recently financially and accessibly limited to how many
people I would be able to inform.

From July 13th to 16th, an event/conference happened here in Brazil,
called Fórum Internacional de Software Livre (FISL, "international forum
of free/libre software") in Porto Alegre. Lot's of people go there, and
there are lot's of "pro-open-source-only" talks there, and even some
advertising "Raspberry Pi as free/libre software friendly".

As I said: I was financially and accessibly limited to go to that event.
Financially because it's hard to find free/libre software-friendly jobs
here in the State of Santa Catarina, where I live, specially those not
requiring programming skills (I'm not a programmer). I accept work
overseas, but I haven't found such opportunity so far. I was accessibly
limited because there were no caravans/groups near where I live to take
me to the event. Big Mother agreed to pay the caravan/group travel
expenses if I could find one nearby, but I couldn't.

Perhaps we could start working on spreading representative persons of
the free/libre software movement to attend these events, not just
Stallman, Sullivan, and Gay. Oliva is one of such people but, as far as
I know, he wasn't aware of Libre Tea Computer (we probably need to ask
him this: does he participate on libreplanet-discuss mailing list?). The
way I see it, we have lost a great opportunity to stand up for
free/libre software.

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