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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Brand Names, loyalty and ill Effects

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Brand Names, loyalty and ill Effects
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 18:27:40 -0300

I have seen some difficult situations that might be related to the issue
in topic, if you think it isn't, feel free to start another discussion
and call me to comment more about it.

First, I have noticed that wiki is really abandoned in
terms of activism (there are some edits made sometimes, but are made
only by a minor group of people there, not by other users that have an
account there), and that wiki is a real good resource to make projects
that spread through various areas of activist or various free/libre
system distributions, or even to organize local user group activities
(it's fine if a project uses other resources to do so, but local
activism groups could use instead).

Besides, isn't just a "normal wiki", it allows users to
automate some tasks (imagine how boring would be if, for every task
made, you had to update the big table of todo-tasks manually), since uses Semantic MediaWiki (and so does,
you can write some few lines that do so for you automatically, provided
the tasks have the necessary "properties" that allow you to say: "please
list only tasks with 'pending' property".

Another thing that I have seen causing a lot of confusion, and even
turning people into the kind of people that keep spreading
misinformation and insisting on doing so: duplication of content or
overwork/double-work on content management (in terms of how the same
opinions/text is updated across sites that aren't always related to the
main place where the text/opinion is published). Humans make mistakes,
and can also spread misinformation by mistake, but there are some that
recognize it, and stop doing so, but there are other people who don't
"give uo the bone".

I have seen people here in Brazil for example, insisting that Fedora is
a free/libre system distribution, and I cited the page on
proving otherwise, but they continued doing so and presenting me the
mission statement and foundation of the Fedora project: (special emphasis on
"completely free project")

... And the slogan of the Fedora project contributes even more to the
problem: ("Freedom, Friends, Features, First")

About wiki again, every time I see groups leaving it and
just putting a link to their own website I ask myself "Why?". It feels
good to have your own site, your own resources and such, but this often
means that some activities where international collaboration would be
welcome, would actually not receive such collaboration, and would only
be known by those who visit the group's site, besides requiring extra
costs associated with the website hosting, and it can also make the
workforce away from the site where international collaboration is
supposed to happen (this often happens with localized communities that
use some software, and is also happening with for some

However, I do have some suggestions to counter this problems:

* Find a way to auto-update Wikipedia if some statement changes. Or
remove the citations, both direct (verbatim) and indirect (adapted) and
provide only a reference to where the official statement is.

* Revive wiki. This often depends on everyone's
participation towards this goal.

** I help occasionally by creating "action items" (that are listed
automatically in the "Action items" page), every time I do an activity
that relates with free/libre software activism. The "Action items" page
has also an automatically-updated news feed for those who want to watch
for new updates or actions to take.

*** You are all welcome to make "action items" too, you'll need to copy
the source of one of the activities and adapt it to your needs since I
didn't have the time to study how to make this an user-friendly process
as does (when creating/editing entries about software
that might be free/libre).

Respectfully, Adonay.
Brasileiro, ativista do software livre (oficialmente desde 2015).

Eu não me responsabilizo caso não consigamos abrir os arquivos que
enviamos uns aos outros. O principal responsável é quase sempre o
criador do programa que você usa.

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