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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Aseprite is now proprietary software

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Aseprite is now proprietary software
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2016 20:10:54 -0300

I read the text made by Aseprite developer, and I also agree with all
points raised there and here also.

Perhaps it's time for us to start thinking on that payment system
envisioned by Richard Stallman? (the one where you could click a button
on the software to donate to the project associated with it). Of course,
Stallman suggested it for non-functional works, but we can perhaps work
to implement this also for functional works.

There must be a standard that allows everyone to implement such payment
method and also carry the needed metadata about the receiving project
across various distributors.

Personally, I think that, as an addition to just providing information
about the receiving party, it must be periodically checked with another
party, or through a standard answer by the receiving end so as to avoid
sending money to the wrong person. I'm not a programmer, but something
like this should do it:

# Begin of example
# Just made it up: "upp" = "universal payment protocol".
# `uppclient --test` would access the specified IP and request for a

if uppclient --test "[Some IP address listening on a port for "upp"]" |
grep --quiet '[Some hash (e.g.: SHA256) that corresponds to "Receiver
Name"]'; then
        # Use uppclient to get all the information from the receiving party and
send money through a third party previously defined by the user.
        uppclient --send "[Same IP]" <<-EXAMPLE_CONTENT
                Some standards-compliant information obtained from an
OpenGPG-encrypted file inside the user's computer.
                This standards-compliant information could have details on how 
much to
withdraw, the account of the client that is being deducted from, and the
password, of course.
        # The information about the third party through which the money will be
withdrawn would have to be in the configuration file of the "upp"
# End of example

Furthermore, perhaps projects like Reproducible Builds and also Guix (or
GuixSD) can ease the efforts on giving support, fixing bugs, testing,
and so on, and also avoid bundling of packages (ala Docker), and also
avoid language-based package managers (ala NPM for NodeJS, Pip for
Python, and so on).

Also, I think that what the `bashbug` command does for the case of
reporting bugs related to GNU `bash` can also be used to ease reporting
bugs, specially since, **as far as I was informed** (I might be wrong),
there's no need to register anywhere in order to report the bugs through

Finally, perhaps we must create a page on about this
challenges and issues, and also to answer some misconceptions about the
free/libre software movement overall as suggested by some people here.

Brasileiro, ativista do software livre (oficialmente desde 2015).

Eu não me responsabilizo caso não consigamos abrir os arquivos que
enviamos uns aos outros. O principal responsável é **quase sempre** o
dono/proprietário do programa **que você usa**.

* Portfólio:
* Para saber quais redes sociais e sites eu uso, dentre outras formas de
entrarm em contato comigo, baixe meu cartão de visita virtual (vCard)
**com frequência**:
        * Caso não encontre a rede social que você usa, isto significa que eu
desconheço ela ou que ela obriga a sociedade a usar programas de
computador não livres.
* Explore e compartilhe tudo o que estou compartilhando:

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