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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] EnterpriseLibre Project Closing

From: Bob Jonkman
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] EnterpriseLibre Project Closing
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2016 13:48:49 -0400
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Hi Bill: This is sad news. I've mentioned EnterpriseLibre at a couple
of user groups I participate in, and had hoped the project would be
better recognized that it is.

I'm forwarding your message to the Free Software mailing lists I
subscribe to. Perhaps this will generate a bit of interest.


On 2016-10-01 12:26 PM, Bill Stewart wrote:
> Hi, our vision was that FOSS needed to be used by a critical mass
> to thrive, and that meant it needed to be complete, powerful, and
> easy.  So we integrated the first truly full-stack FOSS solution,
> servers to apps, with virtual desktops so anyone could use it
> anywhere.  I still believe this is the key need to spread FOSS to a
> critical mass.  It solves all the problems.  A full description of
> the system, advantages, architecture etc. can be found in the
> System Description: 
>  Can I recommend you keep a copy of that document in case the
> future ever calls, and someone wants to relaunch a complete FOSS
> solution?  It has ten years of intellectual value in it.
> For the EnterpriseLibre project will be closing down by the end of
> the month.  If you want to grab a copy of the working system, for a
> local server or AWS, please do so soon from 
> The last version can not only support a team with an IT solution
> better than most onsite, it can create additional solutions for
> other teams at a click.  Almost alive, nearly self-aware ;-)
> I tried getting hosters interested in it - a full FOSS competitor
> to Google Apps and Office 365 - better, more secure, more apps, and
> real virtual desktops available anywhere!  But no luck.  Open
> source hosters are few and far between.
> I also tried getting the FOSS community to run with it.  But people
> are busy.  It's a big, complicated system.  Made simple for users.
> But lives are full.  I understand that.
> EnterpriseLibre influenced the present, and may someday help shape
> the future.  As the proprietary systems tighten their grip on our
> privacy, wallets, and freedom a little more every day, there may
> come a time when someone with the resources to launch this again,
> and grow it, will want to free more than the individual, and
> provide software freedom to teams, non-profits, and small
> organizations of all types, pick this back up, and make it even
> better.  The code will always be on GitHub.  By an order of
> magnitude in software power, FOSS or closed, there is no other 
> solution like it available anywhere else in the world today.
> May your tomorrows ripen into everything they should be.  Stay
> strong. Ride the long wave.  The universe is unfolding - with all
> its fits and starts - exactly as it should.
> Cheers! Bill
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