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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Community feedback is needed on whether Libreb

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Community feedback is needed on whether Libreboot should apply to re-join GNU
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 17:14:55 +0100
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Hi Jason,

On 04/06/17 16:14, Jason Self wrote:
> Can you both please take this offlist? There is no need to
> continue spamming this mailing list with posturing, and you were
> already asked once:

it does seem counter-productive. I have nothing against Michael,
though. He has every right to be mad at me; a couple months ago, I
pulled out of a talk in the city of Manchester (in the UK) at his
local group called Manchester Free Software, at the last minute. It
was a talk about Libreboot that I was going to do, where they had
invited me.

The sad thing is that I really did want to go. Next time such a
meeting is held at that group, if they invited me and I thought I
could go, I would. And if it turned out once again that I wouldn't be
able to, I'd give much more notice (a week or more, ideally). I do
hope to come to MFS one day, though. I have friends in Manchester and
I haven't been there in years.

Michael, once again, I'm sorry for what I did. Can we just leave it at
that? I'm happy to come to future MFS events, if you'd have me. If you
want to continue this discussion, let's do in on the MFS mailing list,
or privately, whichever you prefer. I'm happy to talk with you, since
you are obviously upset with me and I hope to alleviate that if I can.

- -- 
Leah Rowe

Libreboot developer

Use free software. Free as in freedom.

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Use a free operating system, GNU+Linux.
Or use LibertyBSD.

Support computer user freedom - -

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