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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] GPL for physical object

From: Julian Daich
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] GPL for physical object
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017 20:43:36 +0200

2017-10-06 13:24 GMT+02:00 Thomas Harding <>:
>  And that's also an ethical problem (how to allow licensing on a registered 
> TM/design?).

By redacting a document.

> So, if you want to protect a design, the best is to use a worldwide gratis 
> protection mechanism : copyright. A photography is a bidimentionnal object, a 
> sculpture a tridimentionnal one.

A sculpture is an specific object. Non a set of objects derived from a concept.

> So, simply use CC-By-SA licence (not "NC", because that costs to produce and 
> distribute physical object) for design, and GPLv3 for technical 
> characteristics written as "a program" (or several programs : one per 
> function or group of function (as program libraries), and one for the whole 
> functions.

CC are not so good because they do not contemplate if patents are involved.

> Unfortunately, you cannot restrict by linking the two. That restriction would 
> be on physical design, so Creative Commons could help by writing a licence 
> "Share alike / enforced to Free Software". They own their licences :-)

How can I contact Creative Common for the writing?


> Le 6 octobre 2017 08:12:18 GMT+02:00, Ineiev <> a écrit :
>>On Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 10:58:48PM +0200, Julian Daich wrote:
>>> My idea is define a trademark for a physical object( i.e. as Lego did
>>> with their blocks or Coca Cola with their bottle) and license this
>>> trademark using the GPL. Trademarks can only enforce decorative
>>> characteristics of the physical object, so it will possible to choose
>>> a design and materials to distinguish the libre object, enumerate
>>> functional characteristics to avoid confusions and use both to define
>>> the source. The object will be the physical object itself.
>>I believe trademarks only apply to look, they can't impose any
>>requirements when someone uses your physical object internally
>>and never tells customers it's actually used in their product.
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