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[libreplanet-discuss] Key signing party during libreboot & educode

From: Nicolas Pettiaux
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] Key signing party during libreboot & educode
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 07:28:24 +0100
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Dear all,

I am attending libreplanet, coming from Brussels, Belgium the place
where FOSDEM has taken place yearly since 2000. We hold here a key
signing party that is considered important if we want to build a
distributed trust society. It is organized along the process described
in [1].

Is there a keysigning party during LibrePlanet ? I have not found any.

Would it be possible to set one up simply even with such a short delay ?

I would with pleasure exchange keys and show my ID to as many people as
possible during libreplanet.

I would also like to have the opportunity to present the
international conference on education and technology in Brussels on
August 27, 28, 29 2018 where we want to « Inform, train and make the
educaton community reflect on the challenee of the digital world »

As we shall teach the teachers, also about coding, this implies access
to the code and we shall ONLY use free software on smartphones, desktops
and the web. I have had the pleasure to turn down the proposal of
Microsoft to collaborate (and refuse their money which was harder !)
until THEY decide to change their licence for all the products they
propose in education. I have also had the change to explain, when I was
told « but we at Microsoft, we do also do open source », that we do not
do open-source but only free software, which is a subtle but essential
difference (thanks to rms for the explanation years ago)

Best regards,


[2] and and

I'll come with the new version of the poster translated in English, as
well as a roll-up that I hope to set somewhere

Nicolas Pettiaux, phd, emm - - gsm +32 496 24 55 01
* conférence sur blockchain à ESI, 21/3 à 14h
* - informer, former et réfléchir aux défis du numérique à
l'école - Bruxelles - Bozar, HE2B-ESI et Académie royale - 27-29/8/18

« Apprendre aux élèves à utiliser les produits privateurs de Microsoft,
Facebook, Google ou Oracle, c'est comme leur apprendre à fumer.
C'est leur donner une habitude coûteuse, dangereuse et dont ils se
déferont difficilement.» Richard Stallman

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