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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Videos from LibrePlanet

From: Andrey Skvortsov
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Videos from LibrePlanet
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2018 00:32:09 +0300
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On 18-03-30 15:17, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> I understand completely. I've given some talks to local LUGs, Software
> Freedom Day, and the KW Linuxfest -- There's usually someone taking
> video from an audience point-of-view, I have my laptop cam pointing at
> me (the "nostrilcam"), and I capture my screen to show the slides or
> the demo I'm presenting. Often there's a separate soundtrack from the
> venue PA system. But it's an overwhelming amount of work to put these
> into a single video with picture-in-picture to show the stage and the
> screencap.   So I try to publish all the raw video as soon as possible
> on, in the hopes that someone with more time and talent
> than me will do all the post-production to create a slick video.
> Looking forward to getting an integrated video from LibrePlanet, but I
> know how much work it is.

I completely agree, that merging and syncing several video and audio
streams is a lot of work! When we do talks at local meetings, we try
to avoid this and try to capture slides and speaker at the same shot
and if possible with external microphone for a good sound quality.
In this case we don't have to do any post-production. 

I think the best case would be to capture speaker and slides in one
video stream and audio stream at the same time. So almost no
post-production is needed. But sometimes it's not possible because of
the venue.

If it's not possible to capture all in one video stream, then it maybe
possible to have two synchronous video streams: speaker and slides
(screencast or just another video capture) and audio track.
And just put them as is into media container without doing
much of post-production to avoid extra work. And everyone could select
video stream he wants. This shouldn't bring too much extra work to
organizers I think.

To have slides in PDF/ODF/TEX from speaker is always a good thing. But I see
that in a lot of cases speakers just forget to get organizers slides
afterwards and they are lost (see previous LP recordings).
Therefore I wouldn't rely on that and have at least captured slides on video.

Of course, thank all LP organizers for a lot of useful work!!!

> On 2018-03-30 01:10 PM, John Sullivan wrote:
> > I think ultimately, people want both overlaid and separate. We're
> > working to improve the system each year, but have been focused on
> > consistency and quality, which is challenging enough. There is
> > probably also a way to take the PDFs and overlay them on the video,
> > if anyone wants to volunteer :)
> > 
> > Hopefully people have links to source files in the PDFs. That could
> > also be added to the video metadata, if, again, anyone wants to
> > help. Our small and oversubscribed conference team won't be able to
> > do these things this year. We do keep track of the ideas for the
> > future, and we did make some slide gathering improvements this
> > year.
> > 
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Best regards,
Andrey Skvortsov

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