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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Direct data and derived data: chance for a dat

From: Ali Razeen
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Direct data and derived data: chance for a data GPL?
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 20:24:07 -0700
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And why should this be a law? How about leaving it to users to decide what they are okay with and what they are not? To use your analogy, if a transport company asks for a lot of information, and users are okay with that, who are you to say what they should or shouldn't do?

I am not a celebrity, nor someone famous nor rich. I really do not want a law like yours and I do *not* want it as a worldwide treaty. Please leave me my freedom, thanks.


On 8/20/18 7:20 PM, wrote:
I however do not want "insights" period.

How about something much - a law that says companies can't (ab)use the
data of paid users without their explicit opt-in and can't provide any
conditionals or anything more than minor incentives for opting in.

minor incentives - eg: $10/mo ok but $100 not ok.

More laws:
* The right to be forgotten where when one establishes an account at say
a bank, doctors office, store, airline etc they can simply check a box
that says "delete my information after X amount of time"

* Only the bare minimum of data required to provide a service should be
collected - there is NO reason a transport company needs your name to
transport you or a cable company your name to give you cable as long as
you pay for your cable modem and pre-pay for services.

All three should be a worldwide treaty - WILL be a worldwide treaty when
some day the celebrity leaks become relentless and the shiny people
demand change.

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