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[libreplanet-discuss] Help with JavaScript

From: Cal
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] Help with JavaScript
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 00:41:40 -0500
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I can send messages to website maintainers all day telling them that
their site doesn't work without (non-free) JavaScript, but they don't
help me use the site/program/service.

Is there anywhere I can go to report websites that don't work, and ask
for help in finding a work around or getting it to work somehow?

Is there a pool of programmers I can donate to, who can reverse-engineer
JavaScript that's reported to not work?

I feel guilty every time I click a link and select "non-free" whenever
Abrowser says "Choose User Profile".

Stuff that's hard to do:

 1. Looking for a job
 2. Applying for a job
 3. Accepting an e-invitation to a party
 4. Explaining to the hosts why I called/emailed instead of let
    everybody know I was coming by the invite.
 5. Preparing for a ham radio license (practice materials are only on
    the Web, it seems)
 6. Taking Yiddish lessons. (All teachers use either Skype, Adobe
    Connect, or Google Hangouts.)
 7. Getting involved with the local gay community center.


 1. Look around town, ask people if there are openings anywhere.
 2. Reject most openings and go only for the employers that let you use
    their kiosk or paper applications.
 3. Don't respond to the RSVP, get everyone's attention a day before the
    party and announce to everyone, in person, that you will be
    attending the party and will bring food. OR Don't respond to the
    RSVP, call/email the organizer and say you'll be attending, refuse
    to RSVP again when she bothers you about it, and show up anyway
 4. Dodge the question by saying "I don't use computers on Shabbos."
 5. Study from a book and ask someone who has already taken the test to
    quiz me.
 6. Go all the way to New York and take Workmen's CIrcle's Yiddish
    lessons in person. (Expensive.) or settle for YouTube courses with
    no peers or teachers to interact with to practice.
 7. Leave my email and phone number with the receptionist and hopes he
    passes it on to whoever organizes the meeting I want to attend but
    can't, because the contact information is obscured by
    unless I join.

I doubt many of these will work. Finding workarounds is hard. We should
have a section on the LibrePlanet wiki dedicated to them.

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