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Re: ‘censorship’ (was: libreplanet-discuss Digest, Vol 114, Issue 8)

From: Adam Van Ymeren
Subject: Re: ‘censorship’ (was: libreplanet-discuss Digest, Vol 114, Issue 8)
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 22:05:08 -0400

   On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 4:48 PM Dmitry Alexandrov <[1]>

     David <[2]> wrote:
     > Calling such actions "censorship" is a very extreme reaction IMHO
     as the very same core points could have been made in a less
     excitable manner without potential breaching of the above linked
     guidelines and thus without triggering any negative actions.
     That’s curious.  Could you elaborate, please, why censoring due to
     form rather than due to substance is not censorship?  No dictionary
     available to me suggest it.

   There is a difference between censorship and moderation.  If you want a
   dictionary definition:
   Censor (verb) - to examine in order to suppress or delete anything
   considered objectionable
   Moderate (verb) - avoiding extremes of behavior or expression :
   observing reasonable limit
   Nobody can define with absolute clarity where the distinction is.
   Sometimes the situation is obvious, other times it is more nuanced.  I
   don't envy the role of a moderator on an internet mailing list but I am
   happy that they exist.  If libreplanet-discuss were completely
   un-moderated and open to any and all trolls to spew whatever
   inflammatory nonsense they wish, then it would very quickly cease to be
   a useful place of discussion and I personally would unsubscribe.
   It is not censorship for moderators of libreplanet-discuss to decide
   not to forward your message to everyone who has joined the list.
   Almost every online community needs some level of moderation.  You are
   always welcome to write and publish your opinions through you own
   platform, which thanks to technology and libre software is easier today
   than it has ever been in human history.



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