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Re: libreplanet-discuss Digest, Vol 114, Issue 9

From: David
Subject: Re: libreplanet-discuss Digest, Vol 114, Issue 9
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:56:04 +0100

Clearly the site owner(s) bestow moderator power how they choose. The
vast majority that I've seen select moderators and administrators but
one noteworthy exception might be Slashdot and it's community spun
off sites where the moderation rights are semi awarded as a reward
for meretricious past actions on site but there too this is backed up
with staff moderation of content being posted.

 Being "correct" is a subjective distinction and in this case it would
 be being correct in terms of the site guidelines/rules of posting.

Your understanding of "Internet Trolls" is at variance with my own so I
looked up Wikipedia on the subject:

From that definition I have no issue at all with moderation of Internet
Trolls and see it as something of a requirement in any properly run

Your point re: leaving the list also doesn't fit my experience of good
moderation in that it would be most unusual for site management to wish
to reduce site use and so it would be a very rare moderator who pushed
a member of worth (not an Internet Troll and the like) to leave, rather
moderators want people to stay but to stay while observing the site
rules in future postings. here I don't see a wish to limit conversation
but only a wish to have that conversation be carried out in a "better"
manner as seen by the moderator and in light of the site guidelines.

 I believe that a kind and safe environment is made so in part through
 good moderation of the site. Without that you will have an unsafe site.

 David Nash
> Who is it to be the censor? The majority? The moderator? Why would a
> majority or a moderator be correct and the censored incorrect?
> I think that trolls are persons that are called that way by the people
> that do not want them to speak because they feel the sensation of
> control loss.
> If someone leaves a list because someone else thinks differently, that
> person must reinforce their own self esteem by recognizing that other
> peolpe's views (even if incorrect) are acceptable as their own, and
> not by blocking their expression.
> If you want a kind environment, you make it so, not other people.
> Controlling other people does not make a better or safe environment.
> It makes an oppressive environment which is in practice very unsafe.

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