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Re: Exciting new changes for the LibrePlanet Wiki

From: Valessio Brito
Subject: Re: Exciting new changes for the LibrePlanet Wiki
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2019 00:40:11 -0400

Hello humans,

So sorry for the delay in sending another email. Some people who wrote
off the list and already could answer all. Thanks for the feedback and

What's New:
Thank you very much to the FSF TechTeam, especially Michael and Andrew
who helped a lot last week with major updates to MediaWiki, as well as
extensions and installation of the Tweeki base theme.

Now I could say that we are in the testing process, if you want to be part:
1. Just login to;
2. Go to the "Preferences" page;
3. Under "appearances" tab and change the theme to "TWeeki".

Over the next few weeks I will adjust the old content from <table> to
<div> and thus stay responsive (mobile friendly). Please avoid using
Tables, use only when necessary.

We are moving to new practices, so the new base theme is well
documented and there is support for a number of user-friendly
Check it out here:

Finally, I would like to send emails to the list, so it involves more
people discussing. Emails in private will be answered privately, but
it's a lot of energy and we need to share more among the whole

Sorry for the absence on IRC, unfortunately I have many instant
messaging environments and I can't keep up with all groups and
channels in different locals.

Valessio Brito

Em sex, 4 de out de 2019 às 17:08, Valessio Brito
<> escreveu:
> Hello LibrePlanet Community,
> I'm Valessio, a free software activist since 2000 and the current
> campaigns team intern at the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Earlier
> this year, I had the opportunity to participate in an FSF internship
> with the [technical team][1], developing my skills and learning a lot
> of cool things about libreboot and about using free software for
> education, through using [MusicBlocks][2]. After my internship was
> completed, I continued to collaborate actively with FSF. One of these
> collaborations was on the development of the new Respects Your Freedom
> (RYF) hardware product certificate Web site, which will launch soon.
> [1] 
> [2] 
> Now I am back in the FSF office, this time to work with the campaigns
> team on improving the LibrePlanet site (powered by [MediaWiki][4]),
> and assist in preparation for the [2020 LibrePlanet conference][5]. I
> also made this year's [LibrePlanet conference logo][6]. I hope you
> like it!
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> This email is intended to start a discussion and get people excited
> about making improvements to the way we use MediaWiki for LibrePlanet.
> I have a lot of ideas, and I can't do everything myself. I would like
> to invite you to participate, or to forward this email to someone who
> wants to start (or continue) collaborating with the free software
> movement.
> I have drafted a new theme for the first phase of my work on
>, and it is now [available here][7] for comments,
> critiques, and suggestions.
> [7]
> After changing the layout, ideally, the Web site pages will be
> restructured to make navigation more intuitive for documenting and
> leveraging future collaborations. In this process, we will also filter
> out outdated pages. This is where I will need your help! We want to
> create a lasting structure, and for LibrePlanet to be a success, we
> need to be sure that the new structure is right. I made a proposal to
> [reorganize the LibrePlanet pages][8] for you to comment on  as well.
> [8]
> You are welcome to collaborate to help us create an excellent resource
> for free software activists all over this (Libre)Planet. Let me know
> if you want to join in the project! I look forward to working with
> you, and hope I will see you at the conference!
> Cheers,
> Valessio Brito
> Campaigns team intern

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