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Re: Request Advice for Work Meeting on Why use GNU+Linux

From: Pradhan Rishi Sharma
Subject: Re: Request Advice for Work Meeting on Why use GNU+Linux
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 19:34:07 +0530

   Yeah, stick to your biostatics knowledge.
   And make a point that for you to produce great work you need a GNU
   Linux OS.

   On Tue 14 Jan, 2020, 11:57 PM Bob Jonkman, <[1]address@hidden>

     As a SysAdmin, I'd be more worried about the security implications
     of a one off device based on an uncommon hybrid of Xwindows on a
     Microsoft Windows laptop for use by someone unfamiliar with it, than
     a standard, well-supported GNU+Linux system in the hands of someone
     who understands it well.
     But as someone else pointed out, arguing InfoSec against InfoSec
     professionals won't have the same effect as sticking to your
     BioStats expertise.
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     On January 13, 2020 10:49:17 PM EST, lily via libreplanet-discuss
     <[4]address@hidden> wrote:
     >Hello All!
     >I have a last minute question on how to prepare for a meeting
     >Tuesday 2pm Pacific Standard time. PLEASE RESPOND SOON!
     >I work as a biostatistician for a hospital and when I started
     >there I requested a computer with a GNU+Linux OS. My request was
     >promptly denied, because IT said they simply do not support Unix.
     >But TOMORROW, there will be a meeting with the following objective:
     >Discuss request for Providing a GNU+Linux operating system for a
     >caregiver that will be using statistical software.
     >The Principle IT engineer wrote this email in anticipation of the
     >Greetings, I have passed information about this meeting to the
     >of the Unix Server Operations team in case he wants to get anyone
     >involved. I am also very concerned about the management and
     >of such a one off device. Given the network nature of Unix/Linux is
     >there any reason that a Linux client server couldn't be provided
     >instead with an X Windows Server provided on the Windows laptop to
     >connect and utilize software that is installed (and hopefully
     >on the server?  While this is overkill for a single user I suspect
     >that there are a lot more users in the various informatics
     >that might welcome such a service. I hope this helps stir up some
     >Principle IT Engineer
     >My background is in mathematics/statistics, but I am a supporter of
     >Free Software because of all the good reasons why Free Software is
     >what it is. I do not have any technical background with regard to
     >servers, server client, network, etc and so I feel I will struggle
     >with explaining why I made this request, why I think this is a good
     >for serving our patients, and why it would be good for the long run
     >support GNU+Linux OS computers.
     >My question for the Libre community is: How do I present my case
     >tomorrow to explain why it is beneficial for IT at this hospital to
     >have support
     >caregivers that wish to work on a computer with a GNU+Linux OS?
     >Please help!
     >Thank you!
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