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Bring Libre Planet to 6350 million people

From: quiliro
Subject: Bring Libre Planet to 6350 million people
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 00:38:29 -0500

I would like to advocate for more people to attend the videoconferences
of Libre Planet 2020. So I thought it would be motivating to translate
past conferences. The first step would be to transcibe them. It would
also serve those with hearing disability. If anyone would like to
volunteer, please transcribe your favorite talk from

Freedom and accessibility are very important. Everyone should have the
chance to have them. 6300 million people do not speak English and 500
million people have hearing disabilities. (Most of the deaf are also
non-English speakers.)

Thank you very much to those who volunteer for helping to bring freedom
and access to all these people. :-)

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