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Re: libreboot installfest at Libre Planet 2020

From: ariel
Subject: Re: libreboot installfest at Libre Planet 2020
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 14:34:36 -0700
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   All, we need is some one that has hand experience installing libre

   I talked with some people at the libre boot IRC. They told me something
   about my computer that I didn't know. I'm suppose to change a chip on
   my computer. I was about to trow the towel with it, but the people
   there encourage me to keep on by buying and replacing the chip.

   I don't live in the US, so I was hopping someone interested on helping
   us could receive the chip for me and bring it to the event.

   Also there is a couple of things that I wouldn't be able to bring on my
   travel, but I feel that they are minor things, like a hdmi monitor and
   a hot air station for smd.

   jxself suggest me to send a message to this mailing list and try to
   organize something by our selfs in case that the libre planet
   organizers can't help us.

   I believe the first thing would be to have volunteers. I taking that
   you, Roberto Beltran, would be one of them?

   Also we can make a list of what we can bring to the event. Ideally, we
   would need some one with experience, and even better, some one that
   lives in the city that could bring some of the stuff that we would

   My self, I'll be bringing BeagleBone Black, Clip for connecting to the
   flash chip (8 pins), and Pin header / jumper cables.

   Things that I don't have are:
    1. ATX power supply
    2. External 5V DC power supply (barrel connector), for powering the
    3. Micro hdmi to hdmi adaptor
    4. A hdmi monitor
    5. Some equipment to di solder and solder a chip

   We can also try to make a schedule, depending on the hours of the
   event, and the machines we will be working on.

   To be true I don't expect to be able to make the whole process in my
   visit. But at least I'll start it and meet some people that have walked

   Any way. I hope this idea picks up. Thank you.

   El 10/02/20 a las 13:13, Roberto Beltran escribió:

could ask the libre planet organizers to have a some what of a libreboot
 hopefully it will start interest on the matter

I would be interested in attending a libreboot talk, workshop or side-event too.

Roberto Beltran

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