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Re: One word label for someone who rejects proprietary software

From: Bob Jonkman
Subject: Re: One word label for someone who rejects proprietary software
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 17:01:17 -0500
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I've heard "freegan", which carries with it all the work vegans have done to 
market their cause, so that "freegan" gives an instant recognition to our cause 

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of overlap between the two groups.


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On February 13, 2020 2:46:13 PM EST, Roberto Beltran via libreplanet-discuss 
<> wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>It occurred to me that there isn't really a good one-word way of
>describing someone who rejects proprietary software on ethical grounds.
>For example there's "vegan" for people who don't consume animal
>products on ethical grounds. I know there is a derogatory term that
>exists, and another which is specific to someone who agrees with RMS,
>but there is no general positive term that we could all use. Even a
>short phrase seems difficult because you could say "free software
>advocate" but you can reject proprietary software on ethical grounds
>without doing any advocacy.
>I think this would be good so people can self-identify, and it might
>help bring the idea into common thought.
>If anyone has any ideas, please share.
>Kind Regards,
>Roberto Beltran

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