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Re: Campaign to boycott Facebook

From: Aaron Wolf
Subject: Re: Campaign to boycott Facebook
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 07:55:58 -0800

On 2020-02-24 01:03, Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz wrote:
> Hello,
> On Monday, 24 de February de 2020 6:58, Aaron Wolf <> 
> wrote:
>> For anyone who won't leave FB, there's some value in specifically
>> bringing anti-FB messages/warnings to the people who are there. If the
>> only FB criticisms are outside FB, then they won't be seen by those who
>> need them most. So, going to FB to criticize it is at least better than
>> just using it normally. So, I'd suggest asking people to consider this
>> approach (learn, warn others) if they won't otherwise leave.
> I'm not totally convinced by this argument.
> What comes to my mind is the fact that the number of active users have a 
> direct impact on the monetization of the platform and even when you are a 
> disident you're still inside their ecosystem and therefore are targetable and 
> profitable.
> Also, if I understand well, they are in total control of the posts and I 
> think that there's no guarantee that your ideas are being displayed in other 
> people's wall.
> I personally took a lot more effort into campaining against in real life 
> since I deleted my account and managed to convince at least other few people 
> :)
> Cheers,
> Ray

Leaving is better, but if someone *doesn't* leave, they should at least
focus on consciousness-raising there. They can do so in replies as well
as posts. I agree that it's likely they overall bury anti-FB posts, but
who knows, it's a black box.

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