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Re: latest in event cancellation

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: latest in event cancellation
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2020 08:31:03 +0000

On 09/03/2020 01:40, Thomas Lord wrote:
>    MIT has temporarily required that all campus events with 150 or more in
>    attendance be cancelled, postponed, or "virtualized".
>    If I were among the libreplanet organizers, I would be trying to
>    persuade my fellow organizers that they should not proceed as currently
>    planned.
>    Related:  Stanford has ordered that in-person classes not be held
>    through the rest of the academic quarter.   Columbia has canceled
>    classes for a week and then will resume them in virtual form.
>    San Francisco has ordered that no "inessential" events with more than
>    50 in attendance be held in any city-owned property and expressed that
>    this is meant to be a model for all private venue operators in the
>    city.  This is a very serious step that implies, for example, movie
>    theaters and nightclubs ought to shut down if they want to voluntarily
>    comply.    Emergency legislation is being pushed through to, among
>    other things, put a moratorium on evictions for tenants directly and
>    indirectly impacted by the virus.  So for example, with hotel
>    attendance far down, many workers will struggle to pay rent and bills
>    and thus risk eviction.
>    Epidemiologists are projecting that on our current trajectory, the
>    capacity of acute care medical facilities will be overwhelmed within
>    the next few months.  In San Francisco, for example, one major hospital
>    has been rehearsing how to put up acute care medical quonset-style
>    tents in its parking lots.
>    The way we can lesson the society wide impacts of the epidemic include
>    a period of social distancing in addition to all the handwashing and so
>    on.Hi

I am not sure how many of last years EmacsConf talks were at an actual
official venue / public gathering but that seemed to go well virtually,
there were a few teething problems with talks though, but nothing that
could not be resokved.

If libreplanet were to switch to a virtual conference it may put more
pressure on freenode network so will be a good test of that,  but I amk
sure it can cope,

Hppefully it will go ahead one way of another, importantly we need to
make sure everyone is able to keep safe.


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