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Re: Finding ethical online service providers

From: Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz
Subject: Re: Finding ethical online service providers
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 17:30:47 +0000


I've been a happy Protonmail user and recently purchased pro-services.
Basically I also looked for answers to the same question and Proton seems a 
very reasonable one.
Regarding the domain: I've now purchased my own domain name to be able to 
redirect it accordingly and never depend on a single provider.
Let's see how that works :)


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On Sunday, 8 de March de 2020 22:24, Roberto Beltran via libreplanet-discuss 
<> wrote:

> > Does that mean the recommendation about avoiding
> > unethical governments is secondary to other issues such as an
> > organizational commitment to user privacy and software freedom rights?
> It may not be secondary but it's a separate concern. Perhaps you're not 
> concerned with surveillance from the United States but you are of some other 
> country, like China.
> > I currently use multiple Disroot services. I am satisfied with
> > their quality, ethics and cost-effectiveness (they ask for modest
> > donations), but they are based on the Netherlands -- within the Nine
> > Eyes[1]. Should I change to Kolab Now for email, addressbook,
> > calendar and Nextcloud services? It is well recommended by the FSF, is
> > located on Switzerland -- outside the Fourteen Eyes -- and charges a
> > reasonable price.
> > However, it would be a lot of work to tell all my contacts that my email
> > address changed again (as I recently migrated from Gmail to Disroot); to
> > change all my numerous mailing list subscriptions and online accounts to
> > the new email address; and reconfigure my email setup. Besides, Disroot
> > provides more services for the same suggested price.
> I would say, unless you have some actual concerns about Nine Eyes (like you 
> have a specific reason to stay off their radar), stick with what you have. 
> And if that were the case, your email provider choice isn't really going to 
> save you anyway. Presumably, you're going to contact someone that has a 
> provider that gets spied on by Nine Eyes at some point. You would also need 
> much more secure communication than email to even stand and underdog's chance 
> in 2020. Life is too short to stress about something like that just because.
> > Furthermore,
> > should I believe Switzerland has no secret agreement with the Fourteen
> > Eyes? After all, despite the heroic effort of Snowden, we only know
> > about a small part of our surveillance predicament. And should I
> > believe that Switzerland privacy advantages will last? I don't want to
> > change providers again next year.
> > Also for social networks (GNU Social, Mastodon and diaspora*) should I
> > insist that the provider is outside the Fourteen Eyes?
> I would say don't stress it too much. Again, even if you were to do all that, 
> I'm guessing you spend a considerable amount of time around people with cell 
> phones.
> On the other hand, I think it would be cool to see more services out of 
> Brazil.
> Kind Regards,
> Roberto Beltran
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