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Re: purism why does fsf and libreplanet embrace a misleading company?

From: a
Subject: Re: purism why does fsf and libreplanet embrace a misleading company?
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 19:20:42 +0100
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> It's clear that the original poster is very passionate.

It is impertinent how purism has abused people's lack
of knowledge about how intel cpus require
non free software to work.

> * Core Issue : Purism is selling and marketing products as if they did not 
> contain proprietary software when they do. By doing this they are 
> demonstrating a hostility to the Free Software movement and it is upsetting 
> because the Free Software Foundation is associating with them by allowing 
> them to table at events and apply for the RYF certification.

Partly correct. fsf should only give room for a fraudulent company,
if fsf confronts purism with their lies. purism can apply for ryf
as much as they want to. And fsf should process the applicantions. We
know the outcome.
My posting was about why fsf has not confronted purism with its
misleading descriptions of their products?

> * Sub Issue 1 : Purism uses Intel chips, and because Intel's chips all come 
> with the Management Engine on them any device with an Intel chip is running 
> non-free software.
> What Purism has to say about the ME :

When was the link published? First time makes
a copy of

having the wording you are referring to, is
Feb 2019.
At that point purism got the money they wanted from people. I expect
people have received their purism computers and of course the computers are
unable to run without non free software. So it is time to modify
the phrasing of

Now the website speaks about the difficulties of signed software.
The website is now more honest but still vague.

Do you recognize the humor about purism's scam? He played
the scam that well, that people not knowing better are
defending purism.

> * Sub Issue 2 : Purism's cell phone the Librem 5 contains radios that require 
> non-free software to operate.

In their phone advertisement purism should have high lighted
that all modems require non free software to work. And have explained
the implications of non free software on the phone.

> What Purism has said : The question is near the bottom 
> and is titled "Are all hardware components running completely free software, 
> with the source code available?"
> What I think is the problem OP has: Because there are still non-free 
> components in the Librem 5 product the device does not meet the definition of 
> free.

It is not about if purism's phone is running non free software. I resent
how purism has been vague and omitting about the pieces of non
free software which are required if all devices on the phone
shall run.

> How I feel about this : 
> I found satisfactory answers to these issues in the Purism FAQ and when 
> searching using Duck Duck Go and relevant terms. This company doesn't seem to 
> be hostile or doing anything disingenuous.

You probably did. But you did not investigate the
matter well enough.

>  The Respect Your Freedom certification is run with integrity and I have 
> faith that it is issued only when the standards are met.

I have not claimed otherwise. I would be surprised if fsf would
compromise the respect your freedom certificate.

Why is she speaking about the difficulties of making a
free software phone? Is there a pattern? First you lie about how it might
be possible to sell a ryf certified phone. Then later you start talking
all the obstacles on making a ryf certified phone.


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