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Re: Finding ethical online service providers

From: Jorge P . de Morais Neto
Subject: Re: Finding ethical online service providers
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 2020 10:29:29 -0300

Hi.  Free software activist Adonay has replied personally to me, and I
include the body of his reply below:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8--- Since and email servers appear to have outdated TLS,
the forwarded email didn't come through, so here follows the original

Also, as an addendum, speaking of JavaScript in webpages of any service
provider, I think that contacting both the Free Software Directory[1]
and the JavaScript Developers Task-Force[2] is a good start. Also, if
you don't want to review the websites or don't want to wait for one to
be ready but want to make some noise or check an imcomplete blacklist of
unethical webpages, see the Free JavaScript Action Team[3].


[ signature duplicate redacted ]

10 de mar de 2020 15:03:22 Adonay Felipe Nogueira <>:

As others pointed out, the concerns based on countries depends on your
personal opinion, just try to weight them accordingly so that you don't
end up too much concerned and risking losing contacts.

It's also important to remind what others said about email passing
through supposedly problematic providers if a contact happens to have an
account there, there are interesting researches on that matter too[1].

# References


- Página com formas de contato: 
- Ativista do software livre (não confundir com o gratuito). Avaliador
da liberdade de software e de sites.
- Página com lista de contribuições: 
- Para uso em escritórios e trabalhos, favor enviar arquivos do padrão
internacional OpenDocument/ODF 1.2 (ISO/IEC 26300-1:2015 e
correlatos). São os .odt/.ods/.odp/odg. O LibreOffice é a suíte de
escritório recomendada para editar tais arquivos.
- Para outros formatos de arquivos, veja: 
- Gosta do meu trabalho? Contrate-me ou doe algo para mim! 
- Use comunicações sociais federadas padronizadas, onde o "social"
permanece independente do fornecedor. #DeleteWhatsApp. Use #XMPP
( [] 
), #DeleteFacebook
#DeleteInstagram #DeleteTwitter #DeleteYouTube. Use #ActivityPub via
#Mastodon ( []
- #DeleteNetflix #CancelNetflix. Evite #DRM: []
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

- <>
- I am Brazilian.  I hope my English is correct and I welcome feedback.
- Please adopt free/libre formats like PDF, ODF, Org, LaTeX, Opus, WebM and 7z.
- Free/libre software for Replicant, LineageOS and Android:
- [[][What is free software?]]

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