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Re: Sharing your free software / quarantine success story

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Sharing your free software / quarantine success story
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 20:55:04 +0300
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* LM <> [2020-04-21 18:05]:
> I wrote:
> >>> Trying to share OER or FLOSS alternatives is an uphill battle in
> >>> these kinds of situations.
> Jean Louis wrote:
> >Ah come on.
> >Define your presentation well, and get through. You can do it.
> I hope members of this will try to stay positive and supportive during
> these stressful times.  You really don't know what another person has
> already tried or experienced.  You only know your own experiences.
> What works for one in one case may not work in another case.  One may
> be welcome to push for change in one situation and someone else may
> lose their job in another situation.

Instead of failures, it is good share your success stories.

> I'm currently very disappointed to find out that are nearest Linux
> users group will be using Zoom for their next meeting.  I sent them
> the information from the LibrePlanet wiki about Zoom issues and Free
> software choices available.  They've decided to use Zoom anyway.  I'm
> most disappointed since it's a Linux group and one would think they'd
> care more about issues related to using Free Software.

Then point out to GNU and how Linux kernel came to existence, bring
them to the source to to learn about the free
software, as without Richard Stallman talking in Finland, Linus would
never make his Linux kernel free software. It was proprietary in the
first place.

> If anyone knows of other Linux users groups that are having meetings
> virtually using Free Software and wouldn't mind if people outside
> their area joined in, would appreciate hearing about them.  It would
> be great if there was an events page (something instead of meetup) or
> mailing list where FLOSS related groups such as small users groups
> could share their virtual meetings/events.

There is list of GNU groups somewhere, I actually think it is on
LibrePlanet website, you could then contact those groups. And there is
nothing wrong to point out to the GNU GPL and free software in
general, that those "Linux" users learn what is free software. I think
it is trivial.

Jean Louis

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