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Re: Sharing your free software / quarantine success story

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: Sharing your free software / quarantine success story
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 12:40:32 -0400
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Hi all,

Thanks for starting the discussion about this, Greg.

Greg Farough <> writes:

> Hi, everyone,
> As you know, we have been working on making sure everyone understands
> the value of using free software to communicate with their friends and
> loved ones. Now that the vast majority of us are both working and
> socializing remotely, it is now more important than ever that people
> migrate to solutions that respect their freedom. We've already
> described a few in a recent article[1], and are planning to draw more
> attention to this subject in the near future.


> Recently, we were contacted by a free software community member who
> shared the inspiring story[2] of setting up a Jitsi server for a local
> school. It got us thinking and writing an article on the power of
> individual initiatives like this one, which is why we're reaching out
> to you.

Awesome.  I'd love to read the story if any Spanish-speaking folks
reading this list would be so kind to do an English translation.

> Have you brought your family, friends, or workplace online by using
> free software? Have you helped schools getting started using free
> software like our Spanish community member? Are you 3D-printing or
> collaborating in some other way with people working in the medical
> relief effort?
> No matter what contribution you might have made recently, we're
> interested in hearing about it. I'm sure it will provide us all with
> hope and motivation in a difficult time. Let's get the conversation
> started here, and compare notes on the successes (and good efforts!)
> we've made at bringing freedom to all.

I have been self-hosting a few pieces of software for myself and my
family for a few years now, including a small mail server, and a
Nextcloud instance for file-sharing, calendar, notes, and video calls.
We've been happily able to continue using these free software solutions
to stay connected with each other and others in these tough and trying

I have also been using Jitsi Meet for video calls with my supervisor for
my graduate studies, and it has worked great for us so far.  For those
that may not be aware, Jitsi Meet is the same software used by the FSF
folks for remote presentations of LibrePlanet 2020, as well as the live
presenters of EmacsConf 2019 last November.

I'm very happy to happy the see efforts by others in the free software
community and everyone coming together to help, including efforts like
HACKERS and HOSPITALS for coordination between hackers and healthcare
professionals and hospitals in local communities:

> Best,
> -Greg
> [1]: 
> [2]: 
>  (Spanish)


Amin Bandali
Free Software activist | GNU maintainer & webmaster
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