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Re: VPS providers with libre or no JS

From: Roberto Beltran
Subject: Re: VPS providers with libre or no JS
Date: Thu, 07 May 2020 00:49:00 +0000

> I have a server at home and also a VPS at Sysadmin tasks external 
> to your Linux or BSD VM itself are accomplished via a TTY over SSH to access 
> their minimal proprietary dashboard running on a Xen server. I assume that 
> would be acceptable to you because you're not running their code locally on 
> your machine.
> Their BILLING web site does not function at all with JavaScript disabled; it 
> seems to be a service provided by a third party, with one or two maybe-free 
> JavaScript libraries missing any license metadata, and a local "app.js" that 
> has no license metadata.

Yeah! definitely seemed like a good option until I hit the payment 

> Perhaps you can work out an agreement with them to avoid using the Billing 
> dashboard. It's worth emailing their sales people to ask "Can you fix these 
> issues, or can I be a customer without ever using your billing dashboard?" -- 
> they're a small operation and very responsive. If I recall correctly, it is 
> possible to pay via paper check or money order, but paying via credit card is 
> probably impossible without a third party payment portal with non-free JS.

Good point, I'll hit them up if it comes to that

> I put the bug in their ear just now in their public chat room, about fixing 
> the license issues with their billing dashboard javascript. Staff hasn't 
> responded yet in that context but it wasn't long ago that I started the 
> conversation.
> Good luck.

That's awesome! Thank you so much!


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