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Re: VPS providers with libre or no JS

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: VPS providers with libre or no JS
Date: Thu, 07 May 2020 05:30:07 +0300
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Roberto Beltran <> wrote:
> Does anyone know any VPS providers that don't require using proprietary 
> JavaScript?

There are three types of providers that fall here:

1. Those, who for some unknown reason happen to provide a user interface, that 
is (at least, partially) usable without running nonfree JS (just like 
@brendan@glump.netʼs, and to accept payments in some 
freedom-respecting way.

There was quite a few of them.  However, you have to understand, that this may 
change at any moment: one day they will be glad to present you their new shiny 
UI, and their support will hardly understand, why it upsets you.  Or their 
payment processor, which is typically outside of their control, will begin to 
require nonfree software.

2. Those, who aware of the issues of nonfree software and explicitly assert 
that all the programs, you have run on your machine to use their services, is 

I do not know any of them.  But I never search for them specifically.

3. Those, who aware of the issues of running programs, that are silently 
installed onto you machine, updated against your will, and cannot be avoided — 
whether they are free or not, and assert that you can use their services 
without running them.

I know at least one of that type, itʼs called (well... :-) “”.

Having signed up, youʼll be able to read this:

| HEY NERD. You aren't using javascript, which is fine, but here's what you 
need to know:
|    — the price field doesn't update so you'll see the final price on the 
checkout page
|    — your server comes with a certain storage included, if you select a 
storage below that amount it'll be set to the included storage amount.
|        · the included storage:memory ratio is 15:1 for SSD.
| If you're smart enough to prevent secret alien javascript from infecting your 
precious thinkpad, you should be able to handle this

As for payments, they are accepted directly (no third-party) in BTC and XMR.

A referral link, if you do not mind:

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