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Re: VPS providers with libre or no JS

From: Roberto Beltran
Subject: Re: VPS providers with libre or no JS
Date: Thu, 07 May 2020 05:38:54 +0000

> > Just gotta figure out how to get enough crypto without being able to meet 
> > up with anyone
> Should not it be the other way round?
> I mean, does not buying BTC by meeting anyone in person become an option only 
> up from some amount (e. g., in St. Petersburg: about 100 krub ≈ 1250 euros), 
> and in general is cumbersome and impractical (unless you need extra 
> protection from tracking, of course), while buying online is easy, available 
> instantly and from nearly any sensible amount?

Oh, I meant like without proprietary JS. If you have any recommendations for 
that it would definitely help out.

I've only ever bought crypto in person for cash. So far I've only seen 
proprietary apps, the ATMs that require a cellphone and websites with 
proprietary JavaScript as alternatives.

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