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Re: Buying cryptocurrency for fiat while avoiding nonfree software (was:

From: Roberto Beltran
Subject: Re: Buying cryptocurrency for fiat while avoiding nonfree software (was: VPS providers with libre or no JS)
Date: Fri, 08 May 2020 02:09:41 +0000

> To suggest anything useful about currency exchange to you personally, one 
> have to know where you are from and what means of payment (besides cash) you 
> have at disposal or consider acceptable.

Miami, FL, USA. I have bank accounts, cards, I can probably get checks or money 
orders. I just got this idea that it'd be chill if there was a company that 
could bill a landline for crypto, although that might be too easily abused.

> For instance, “Perfect Money”¹ — a popular in cryptoexchange as an 
> intermediate step parabank, which, among others, accepts deposits via wire 
> transfer², is a service of the first type in my ad-hoc classification: i. e. 
> their website is somewhat usable without nonfree software for legacy reasons.
> But, as I heard, banks of some countries are not happy to work with them 
> (this info may be outdated, though).
> ¹ Yet another referral link:
> ² Wire transfer is slow, of course, and requires passing through cumbersome 
> (though EU residents might consider it normal) deanonymization process.

Yeah I'm realizing now wires are kind of pricey too. With the fees I'd be 
paying, I might as well try and get someone to front me.

> > I've only ever bought crypto in person for cash.
> > So far I've only seen proprietary apps, the ATMs
> > that require a cellphone
> Whatʼs wrong with a phone? Afaik, SMS is perfectly usable with free programs.

Proprietary firmware. I've been no phone for the last year or so, but it's also 
not 100% because of libre if I'm being real.

I'm getting into and figured out some other tools for working with QR 
codes and stuff, so I might be able to find work-arounds for the ATMs once 
COVID-19 is over. I might also mess with the replicant devices for fun 
eventually. But yeah, anyway, the only spots right now that'd be open with the 
ATMs I'm not really trying to be whipping out the thinkpad at.

> (By the way, does it mean that you had managed to exchange currency in person 
> without giving the seller your phone? Not to say thatʼs something unlikely, 
> just curious.)

Yeah, you just find a homie trying to sell, you put money on the table, give 
them your address or let them scan the QR code off your laptop or whatever and 
then you both chitchat and smoke a square or something while you wait for 

> > and websites with proprietary JavaScript
> Look whether these exchangers have a Telegram bot besides a website. (The 
> Telegram network is proprietary, but even their official client is free.) 
> Quite a few do.

I might be cool using telegram client if I can buy like that, let me know 
what's good

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