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Re: virtual meetings

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: virtual meetings
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 16:08:14 +0100

I get the same problem in the UK. There is an assumption that people:

* Uses a particular proprietary solution or
* Want to use a proprietary solution or

Or in some cases they assume people have or can even afford a smartphone
on low or zero income.

As it is seen that everyone uses zoom, teams, (as everyone assumes you
use Windows, MS office) and even down to assuming you use or want to use

So lets share lots of examples of where free alternatives are being
used, I quite like Jitsi meet, it will be better for me once I have a

I also like the look of Big Blue button as a potential teaching tool, as
I can upload a pdf presentation or other document, share screens and
also share notes.

I understand your frustration, what is worse is that some job interviews
are also being conducted over zoom, which is really going to
discriminate against anyone not having the ability to use zoom. Or may
not want to due to the number of security issues that have been reported.


On 04/05/2020 16:52, LM wrote:
> Okay, just had to complain to a more sympathetic ear.  Seems like all
> the technical groups in my area are using Zoom or Microsoft Teams or
> Microsoft Visual Studio for communications during virtual meetings.
> Talk about not being inclusive.  I've been posting links for the FSF
> alternatives and letting them know not everyone can access what
> they're using, but they don't seem to care.
> On the plus side, LibreMiami held its first Jitsi meeting this
> Saturday and I thought they did a wonderful job on it.
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