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Re: Libre alternative to google forms

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Libre alternative to google forms
Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 21:15:50 +0300
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* Roberto Beltran via libreplanet-discuss <> 
[2020-05-13 21:03]:
> Hey everyone,
> I help out at my local Code for America Brigade and they're
> currently receptive to picking up more libre tools. There's a need
> to have something like google forms to quickly build feedback and
> user testing surveys without coding. If anyone has any
> recommendations, it would help set a good precedent for using libre.
> I know I've been asking for a lot of help lately, and I would like
> to thank everyone who participates in these discussions. I put
> everything I learn to good use.

I am using the concept of the good old form.cgi, it was the Perl
script and similar is surely available somewhere, so I wrote my own in
Common Lisp and handle many inquiries. Spam is handled by using sets
of words which come together, there is no captcha or something, and it
works well. I could share it.

My concept is such that no database should be placed on Internet, so
my database is offline. When people inquire, their inquiry is saved in
the lisp data structure, which is easy to respond. It is encrypted
additionally with PGP, so nobody knows what is coming over website to

Google Forms is hosted at Google, so if you think to find libre
service, I don't believe that is freedom if you need to give your
users' data to some company, so you would better use some self-hosted
software. And I am sure there are many.

I found one: but I have not
reviewed it.


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