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Re: Linked in Alternative - free / privacy respecting

From: robbt
Subject: Re: Linked in Alternative - free / privacy respecting
Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 10:50:06 -0400
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A Libre Social Network focused on developer skills/profiles would be interesting but I'm not aware of anything like that currently in existence. Good idea, but building it would take a lot of time and effort.

One of the major challenges of building something totally libre at this point is finding the funding or otherwise securing the commitment of developers to make it happen. Keybase I think in some ways was designed around this concept at least with the encryption aspects but they were just bought by Zoom. In some ways Github operates in this sphere in terms of building a social graph of contributions but it is of course owned by Microsoft at this point and their underlying codebase has never been free software as far as I know. Gitlab never got as much traction in terms of people using it as interconnected federation of instances but the libre version of it is used by a lot of projects.

Thanks for sharing you conceptual ideas though, it is inspiring just to think about the possibilities and remember that there are other people who share a similar vision even if we aren't yet in a position to build it.


On 5/14/20 2:11 PM, Paul Sutton wrote:

Not sure if this is a little off topic, I am currently on LinkedIn which
is OK for some things but seems just sluggish and not very friendly in

I wondered if there was an alternative that is more in line with the
values of the free software community and respects privacy.

Possible features

1. Could be built with free tools
1. Built by developers for developers, which would allow free software
projects to find other developers (or hackers as we call them) to help
with projects.
3.Perhaps enabled with Activity pub to allow a decentralized approach
and linking to fediverse accounts.

4. With linkedIn you can pull down dates from a menu, sometimes having a
free form entry box would perhaps be better.

5. Tags for job or other skills, this would allow easy searching by
tags, similar to the fediverse.  if you have for example #kernel in your
list, then anyone doing a search should be able to find others with
kernel expertise

8 easier to add qualifications and courses,  LinkedIn seems to be rather
clunky with this, you add a provider, then add courses and have to link
to the provider. It may be easier to have a text box for this and you
add in the information manually.

9.  I was asked recently on Mastodon to prove I was not a robot user, so
something similar may actually encourage / force some sort of interaction.

10. Make it easier to add work history,  be it employment, volunteer
etc, Friendica makes it easy to add a post, with a topic box, tag box
and the a free form text box.  So maybe something similar. As with
Friendica or Mastodon I can add pictures to posts, to adding a pdf /
picture of a certificate should in theory be doable that way (may be
better for the qualifications but that would also cover in work training.

11. Maybe have encryption and gpg built in (privacy / security)
12. Allow for gpg keys if you sign gpg my key you have met me, so could
be a way to sign my profile or say I am that person (if that makes sense)
13. integration in to chat services or ids for chat services.

I was thinking that this would make it easier to find people to help
with development.

I am not looking at developing this (I really don't have the skills or
even know where to start), just asking if there has been any discussions
anywhere regarding developing such a service.

I know there are lots of individual projects that need help and there
has to be an easy for developers to sign up and find where others need



Paul Sutton

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