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Re: Sacrifices made for Free Software

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Sacrifices made for Free Software
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 09:36:44 +0300
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* Adrienne G. Thompson <> [2020-06-15 00:49]:
> Right now I'm having to deal with an absolute JackA** who did his PhD at
> MIT. He has 3 degrees. This fellow has been recruited to advise Jamaicans
> that I'm not the author of  GNU C-Graph because, as he claims, C-Graph
> could not have been written in the Third World! He is really fronting as a
> stooge / Uncle Tom for the defendants in the criminal matter concerning the
> theft of my BSc thesis, but the point I'm trying to make is that even with
> a PhD he apparently doesn't realise that he's made himself into a major
> league a**.

Wow, unbelievable story, thanks for sharing. 

> We all know that some of the most talented entrepreneurs and hackers
> amongst us dropped out of university and changed the world. I'm merely
> pointing out to Nicholas that his odds of success will increase
> exponentially with his degree.

In some countries there are no books, no libraries, and thus no
accessible education other but the one in schools and universities and
in those countries the success depends of the degree, one can say

We have a global world here, I don't think that global statement that
degree matters is good enough.

There are countries where children swim in books, so many they are,
and where they learn reading with already 3-4 years, they become
members of library with 5-6 years, then such children become versatile
in many subjects of the knowledge, and where even neighbors may be
asked to assist with various school or university subjects, because
they simple know it, and they may be simple carpenter or metal
technician, but they know subjects of physics or mathematics, because
they have done it very well in the school. In these countries where
educational resources are very available there are many smart people
and university would rather do to them more damage than good.

My first business I have opened first working day of my 18th year,
would I go to university, I would decline for next 4-5 years. And I
started doing same business with 14 year. People with degrees of my
generation they are now working as cashiers in the supermarket. Many
those without degrees have been prospering for last few decades.

And there are those countries with degrees and universities where they
end up learning nothing, they come out of university and are as
useless as before. Engineers don't know the weight or length
measurements, and the only purpse of university was to have that
diploma, which is practically fake diploma, regardless of the
popularity of the university. This type of countries are so many in
the world. Companies looking for people with degree know that they
will face difficulties with such people.

Then there are countries like Germany, Austria, Norway, and other
European countries where they will accept for example programmers
based on their knowledge and skills and not based on their
degree. In those countries is very easy to get the job in computing
subjects provided that knowledge and skill is there. Even there,
especiallyfor those IT subjects, degree means not much. Companies
looking for those IT skilled people are looking what they really know
and they can test people, they don't look into degrees that talk not
much. I know this as I have seen many advertisings in those countries
and how companies are telling applicants what they value. Often they
will tell, it is good to have degree but it is not a must, they want
productive person.

And then there are individuals who regardless of degree may easily
demonstrate their skills and get their jobs, and many self-employed
individuals continually find new orders this way, they don't depend on
any degree, they mastered getting a "job" or better said order each
time, and they continue doing so, there are many such freelancers or
entrepreneurs, and they are never asked for the degree, they offer the
service and that is it.

Degree will not say anything of person's ability to deliver the


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