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Re: Matrix communication protocol.

From: Msavoritias
Subject: Re: Matrix communication protocol.
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2020 01:35:45 +0200

   If I download three clients in Android I will find three different
   feature sets. And then I have to pick the right server with the right
   extensions. Its all a big puzzle. That is not very coherent.
   The modern features I said as above can be stickers, gifs, communities
   or Discord servers if you will. There are a lot such features.
   Now I understand that XMPP may support these in some extension
   somewhere. But the point is that I need to have the right combination
   of an app and the server to get this feature.
   About the design I guess we have different circles. I like IRC and
   terminal too. Doesn't mean that new users will like them and I should
   recomend it for them.
   Look, the whole point of this anyway was a suggestion for the FSF to
   add a Matrix server so new users can patricipate somewhere that fills
   modern and they can easily grasp. It's not about XMPP vs Matrix. T hat
   can be an endless debate like IRC vs XMPP. Email vs Gittea or
   As I have said I downloaded all the XMPP apps that i could find xmpp
   site or otherwise. The only one that had the necesserary features was
   Conversations. And that one has a bad UI. That doesn't look like a
   standard to me, if I have to use Conversations only. On Matrix I can
   easily on the top of my head tell you at least 3 that are in active
   development. Two of them Copyleft.
   As it stands now I will continue to have the Free Software rooms in
   Matrix and patricipate there. Any new user that is interested also I
   will suggest them to divert there. I don't want to scare them by
   showing IRC or some random XMPP server.

   On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 17:34, Denver Gingerich <>

   On Sat, Aug 01, 2020 at 07:25:15PM +0200, Msavoritias wrote:

     The second point I was trying to raise is that XMPP doesn't have
     good clients for Mobile,

   You mention this repeatedly without explaining why Conversations has
   "bad design". Most people I know love the design of Conversations, so I
   have trouble seeing why Conversations is holding back XMPP in some way.

     doesn't have modern features

   The only feature you have explicitly mentioned is "stickers". I'm not
   sure why this is an important feature for FSF to have in a protocol
   they want to promote. Are there other "modern features" that XMPP is

     or even a coherent standard.

   As we've mentioned, there are coherent standards for XMPP. If you want
   a client that supports the important standards, use Gajim or

     So by that point I was advocating to have a Matrix server so we can
     attract new contributors that may want modern features.

   Per above, please tell us which "modern features" you mean. Thanks!
   Denver [1]



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