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Re: Recommendations of LMS

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Recommendations of LMS
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 11:24:17 +0300
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* Jonathan Sandoval <> [2020-08-04 17:55]:
> So, my question is: what LMS that respects freedom would you
> recommend?. I've worked in the past with Moodle and installed it for
> some schools and universities. I've seen Canvas LMS is very interesting
> too. Any recommendation?, or maybe, any trouble with these mentioned
> options?.

As I have not tried none of them, I cannot recommend none, yet there
is the list of Learning Management Systems:

Myself, when creating Learning Management System I would specifically
demand that computers users, learners, use a dedicated computer that
runs free operating system, and then I would prefer one local network
database, we can think of it as a school centralized database, and one
remote database for task assignments and collection of data.

Data from remote database would be transferred to centralized

I would then mostly use Emacs and various free software tools for task
assignments and collection. For example LaTeX equations could be
prepared by using TeXmacs and submitted through Emacs, not necessarily

There would be no exclusion of some possible tool that can help in
learning and no limitation to browser environment only.


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