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Re: Recommendations of LMS

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: Recommendations of LMS
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2020 11:05:40 -0500

Jonathan Sandoval <> writes:

> Thanks everyone for your kind suggestions.
> Techela-emacs seems really interesting as an emacs user myself, but I
> cannot expect the other teachers to learn emacs to use it.

Emacs can be made easy to use for the end user. Everything in Emacs is
configurable to the point that you can use buttons, colors and types. It
is even better for maintenance because it will be very easy to migrate
text, photos, audios and other files to other platforms when you
want. Usability is the best reason for using something entirely
configurable. Perhaps time constraints to investigate would be big
factor to avoid Emacs. But it would pay itself several-fold, if we
consider it as an investment for the gains in future (and present)

I understand that you might be careful not to blow up your prestige by
avoiding text-only solutions for canned patches. But if you are
considering a long term solution, you could use plain-text applications
in parallel with the other temporary canned patches.

I know it is more work than just sticking to one decision. There is a
great many marvelous ways that text can empower the user. One way is , another is EMMS and even Emacs Artist.

So my sugestion everyone on the IT sector is to orient the users. It is
a labour of love. It is not only a labour of production. Production is
necesary. But love goes a longer way (if coupled with production)! :-)

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