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Re: Recommendations of LMS

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: Recommendations of LMS
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 16:42:01 -0500

Jean Louis <> writes:
> In my opinion, LMS should be just assignment giving and receiving
> software, yet what should be learned and how, should not be limited by
> the interface that is used for LMS. As teaching is not focused on the
> interface, it has no limits. For example limiting students to use
> browser only, or attempting to make every action of a student
> figurable or understandable through browser only is not point of
> teaching, as it is not widening the knowledge. Students should
> have liberties to use any tools that are suitable for learning.

I agree with this. I think it is even easier for the student to do it
with Techela than with Moodle or any web interface because sometime file
transfer is not as eficient or privacy respecting with a browser. If
Techela works as a git repository, then all files are already downloaded
at the user and there is no problem if there is no connection or if the
server is down. You can always pull the data later.

I do think that Emacs can be configured to be as easy to use for the end
user as is any browser based app. It can even be better tweaked. Emacs
has the advantage that phone apps have. They are local and they are
remote too.

I was afraid to use something I have to configure myself. And it cost a
lot of work to learn by myself. But end users have us as guides. They
can learn fast. We can prepare their configuration and they can have the
best of both worlds: hackability and usability with the power of
freedom. My fiancee works in Emacs with ledger-mode to register all of
our income and expenses. We can have any report we want. Other software
is not as flexible and needs to be re-learnt every time there is an

Using minimalism is an investment. You don't see the results
immediately. But they become a net gain!

"The only thing that Emacs lacks is a good text editor." :-D

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