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Re: Alternatives for online events scenarios

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Alternatives for online events scenarios
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 10:33:08 +0300
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* Jonathan Sandoval <> [2020-09-03 18:39]:
> Hi everyone,
> I belong to science divulgation group and we've been testing platforms
> for online conferences. We prefer as much as possible free and privacy
> respecting platforms. We tested BigBlueButton and Jitsi Meet (in
> and choose Jitsi Meet as we think it's easier to use for
> people and we like its UI layout more. (We believe BBB is great too, and
> use it for other kind of events where we use the board, for
> example).

Purpose of every communication is understanding. In my opinion, when
participants know each other, they may communicate by using voice,
this is also way better for privacy as not everybody need to see the
face in real time.

In my organization we are using Mumble speech server, and participants
are surprised of a good quality of voice. Participants in bad network
areas such as in East Africa, with slow networks, may as well
participate in speech conferences.

If somebody wish to know the face of a person, a PDF file with
collection of faces and names and their positions can be sent to
people to get acquainted. But then participants who did not comb their
hair and clean their faces or those still in pijamas, can as well
participate in speech only conversations.

> Up to now, we've run a couple of pilot conferences with few users
> (around 20). Now, we'll start to open the invitation for everyone. I
> know Jitsi Meet (and any platform) has a limit on number of people. I
> think we could perfectly invite around a hundred people, but that way
> we'll get to the limit of Jitsi Meet (at least in its free service). In
> some forums I've read they mention around 70 people, but not everyone
> with cams.

You should employ your own Jitsi server.


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