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Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2020 19:23:23 +0300
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* Aaron Wolf <> [2020-09-22 18:10]:
> Important topic.
> Some links:

Could not listen many minutes.


This is organization, there are numerous free software organizations
with their opinions and little bit different directions, nothing to
worry about for as long as they use free software. Enlighten them with
your opinions. This email you had to CC to them. It is maybe your
organization, don't know.

> see footnotes and links there too, such as

It is private blog, interesting.

> There's a lot of issues, but they include:
> - lack of understanding about the *harms* of proprietary software
> (anti-copyleft people *usually* think proprietary software is fine and
> just Open Source is *preferred*, thus copyleft blocking proprietary
> isn't a goal they understand

> - enormous growth in permissive software used by proprietary companies
> (they have a specific anti-copyleft interest)

Those are opinions, valuable for exchange and those are attempts to
improve society, not necessarily objective opinions.

> None of this is simple, and the list could go on and on. This is all
> nothing new, but the trend is for younger developers especially
> JavaScript developers to really love Open Source development and rely on
> it without any real pro-social long-term thinking about society or
> anything. They care mainly about the obstacles or lack thereof in their
> day-to-day programming experience.

That is why you may enlighten them and point out to good principles of
the GNU GPL. There are many opinions.

> Keep up the fight!

Today I was speaking to a person really high in her political and
governmental position and I have mentioned dangers of proprietary
software named Whatsapp and investment banker was listening, they all
got it, they even asked me how to contact me over XMPP and how to use
free software. Everywhere I go, I reject proprietary software and
recommend others. I get no obstacles. Maybe because I am decided,
rational and logical when explaining such.


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