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Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(

From: Pen-Yuan Hsing
Subject: Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 08:37:04 +0800
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That's EXACTLY why we need Copyleft. We need to push forward and show
that companies and products can be built around licenses like the GPL.
For instance, sourcehut (AGPL) is one of the most promising examples of
a company built around a complete free and open-source ecosystem, and
which truly enforces and contributes more and more towards this goal.

That's really cool! I knew that sourcehut is aiming to be a fully free replacement for platforms like GitHub, but had wrongly assumed it to use a permissive license. One more good example of a business around copyleft free software (maybe we should keep a list!)

I think this is all deeply related to how we structure ourself as
society and depoliticization of the free software movement.

I hope it made sense, I wrote in a bit of a hurry while writing
proprietary software for companies that literally throw thousands of
pesticides in my country's food.
Can you elaborate what you mean my depoliticization? It sounds vaguely interesting but I can't quite put a finger on what you're saying.

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