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Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 15:44:27 -0300
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I lost track of the topic's root message, this is why I'm replying here

If you do want similar functionality but for ActivityPub, see . For example, .

Em 29/09/2020 14:04, Jean Louis escreveu:
> * Lori Nagel via libreplanet-discuss <> 
> [2020-09-29 19:17]:
>> Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out a privacy  respecting
>> replacement for facebook groups.  I want something that is easy to
>> join, (so no requirement that you learn email encryption, system
>> administration or anything "hard"  but also something that even Richard
>> Stallman wouldn't object to (not that I'm trying to recruit him to join
>> it, just some people are really zealots about stuff, if it doesn't have
>> javascript that is also a bonus.)
> GNU Social allows creation of groups, I am not sure if it has
> Javascript, probably yes, and it is free. Stallman is sending his
> notices by using helpers over GNU Social software
> Pleroma is also federated software with similar protocols, Mastodon,
> those are all free software that allow similar activities as you asked
> for.
> XMPP protocol and plethora of clients also allow group work.
>> I've also considered things like email lists, matermost, irc and
>> forums, and I've dismissed them for the following reasons.
>> 1. Lots of people just ignore email thesse days, plus it isn't really
>> very real time.
> That depends of the team and not of general circumstances, if you are
> group leader, none of them will ignore the email. Email is today more
> used than ever, and I make thousands and thousands of dollars sales by
> using emails, so I cannot agree on that one.
>> 2. irc is just a chat channel, too many bots and while it is real time,
>> it doesn't really have any persistance of topics.
> In that sense, you are free to self-host IRC and you are free to make
> persistant topics, on public IRC servers, you can reserve your channel
> and make persistant topics.
> XMPP or Jabber groups are great, so you have Conversations for
> Android/Replicant or LineageOS, and on Emacs there is jabber.el, there
> are plethora of XMPP software, you can post images to XMPP in the
> group, you can talk in the group, it is visual, you can exchange files
> or videos, maybe videos are not so visual, depends of the client.
>> 3. Forums tend to be too public with just anyone can join it, and while
>> you can have private forums or private sections of forums, you need to
>> be an administrator to set that all up.
> That is right.
> Facebook groups have privacy or authorization features, exchange of
> images and videos, and status features, so very similar to that is
> XMPP protocol, as I said.
>> I want to create a small group that is highly engaged with the
>> subject, chatting everyday etc.
> I think XMPP is for you, just launch it, and try it. Sorry that at
> time of writing this, I do not have Internet connection, so I cannot
> give you references now, you would start from and review
> clients, and there are many public XMPP servers, try searching on Internet.
>> mastadon doesn't really have groups yet,
> It has that I know. Please try using this instance
> to test Pleroma version, see if you can
> create groups. I cannot help now as I am offline.
> I think that XMPP is excellent solution for you, but you need to use
> some of public servers where you can create your own group.
> I would invest $5 per month and use Digital Ocean Web Hosting:
> and open up VPS and run my own XMPP
> server, what I also do.
> If you need help with the setup of your own XMPP server, let me know.
> Later, all what you do is you assign username to your users, or you
> could make it open server for everybody to subscribe. Beauty is that
> you can communicate with anybody on any other XMPP server.

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