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Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(

From: Marinus Savoritias
Subject: Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2020 11:09:10 +0200

That sounds very priviledged to me.

Today people are losing access to their software and they lose access to banking, democracy, free speech among others.

20 years ago it may have been sharing. Today though Free Software is about equality, democracy, economic independence among just a few.

It is very much about justice.

Marinus Savoritias

On 9/29/20 9:39 AM, Jean Louis wrote:
Copyleft makes freedom possible.

Justice is not in focus, we are not warriors, we wish to share between each 
other, it is about sharing and helping each other. That is goal.

Justice is not a goal, even though proprietary software is unjust. But we don't 
strive to enforce justice, we strive to share.

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