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Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distrib

From: Ali Reza Hayati
Subject: Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distributions
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 21:08:32 +0330

Much of this, as you said, is the problem of unjust laws that are
affecting software. For example, my country, Iran, is under U.S.
sanctions. As a result, GitHub and GitLab are blocking us and banning
our accounts.

For every service based in United States, no matter what's the use,
there's a chance for us Iranians to be blocked.

We can't pay for even small services such as a VPS or a hosting. My
website is currently hosted by a guy in Germany for free because I can't
pay anyone for hosting.

I really do want to host my own Mastodon or Pixelfed or Peertube
instances but no, I can't because of sanctions and these sanctions are
stupid because they don't affect the government but affects us people. I
can't think of any way that me buying a hosting service can violate U.S.
or world's laws over nuclear weapons.

Another example is about me myself again. I've been trying to convince
some collectives to run an EteSync instance, a software libre that uses
end-to-end encryption to sync contacts and calendars, because I can't
pay to get an account on and nobody will pay $24 a year for
a dude nobody knows.

These are some of the problems only in the matter of economy in software
that we're facing because of unjust laws. As long as we have
discrimination and injustices like this, we remain in same situation, sadly.

On 10/29/20 8:30 PM, Jean Louis wrote:
> Exactly that.
> There is already so much hosting space for free software on its
> mirrors, but if mirror is engaged by the order of US organization, US
> court can give order that US organization shut it down, even if it is
> in other country.
> Gitlab have shutdown Iranian developers for US imposed sanctions. That
> is unjust just as it is unjust in Iran to forbid encryption.
> Libreplanet shall make the page with list of free software hosting
> providers that are inside of US jurisdiction and those outside of US
> jurisdiction. That is how to counter the DMCA notices and safety of
> software.
> There shall be a libreplanet page disadvising people to run any
> non-free software such as Javascript when hosting free software.
> In general people shall be made aware how dangerous is running
> non-free Javascript. This statement may be too strict for many. I am
> not saying that it is dangerous to run some trivial Javascript today,
> I am saying that if we do not do anything about that, imposing and
> forcing people to run any kind of software on their computers will
> become even more reality. It affects future and present time.
> This is very serious issue. Why Github does not comply to liberate
> Javascript? They do not want to comply to liberate their Javascript
> not because of the current Javascript but because of the opportunities
> they are getting in the future.
> Then there shall be page on libreplanet on how to avoid potential
> threats with the DMCA. But Libreplanet being itself in the USA has to
> ensure its legalities on how to speak about it.

Ali Reza Hayati /
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